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AWA Collection Process

AWA Transportation Collection Process

When it comes to collecting an unpaid freight invoice, planning the next move isn’t always clear or straightforward. There are many reasons why a broker may or may not pay you, sometimes it is a simple mistake that can be fixed with a quick call to the business owner. But for situations where you can no longer get a hold of them (if the company has gone out of business, they are denying responsibility of the debt, or the unpaid invoices have exceeded 60 days) it may be time to reach out to a third party.

At AWA Collects we take pride in creating a clear and organized plan when it comes to collecting what is rightfully yours, please take a moment to view our step by step process that we take with every client to ensure that no debt is left unclaimed.


Step 1: Investigative Process

AWA will conduct an investigation on debtor and UCC searches, we will locate any companies affiliated with the delinquent company, past associates and owners, as well as running a report on the debtor’s credit.

Step 2: Assess Liability

AWA will take the information from our investigative process and determine which party is liable to pay the debt, this can include the debtor, affiliate companies, officers of the debtor, or any third party beneficiary involved.

Step 3: Start Collection Process

AWA will contact the delinquent party and seek voluntary resolution from the debtor and any legally viable partners. This includes issuing demands of payment from all parties involved.

Step 4: Finalize Collection Process

If the legally liable parties refuse to settle the debt, AWA will contact our clients to inform them litigation is required to move forward.  If the client wishes, we will assist in finding / hiring an attorney from one the applicable jurisdictions where the lawsuit can be filed. 

Step 5: Conclusion

Once a proper counsel has been chosen, a lawsuit will be filed to collect on unpaid debts. Based on the outcome of the previous 4 steps we will report back to our client to let them know whether our efforts were successful or if their account has been deemed noncollectable.

Helpful Collection Tips

For additional information regarding collection agencies and the transportation collection process as a whole, please review our F.A.Q & Blog pages for more insight on any potential problems and pitfalls that come along with trying to recover an unpaid debt on your own. If you are in need of a transportation collections agency contact us today. A specialist will help you through every step of the collection process.