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Lister Logistics LLC

Lister Logistics LLC

Business Address
2960 S Sabrina Circle, Mesa, AZ 85212
Last Updated
August 22, 2019
MC Number
Phone Number
(704) 815-1660
Identity theft has been perpetuated against this broker. This broker is not actively brokering loads so if you see anything posted under this authority please contact Carl Pearson at Logisource Inc. at (704) 807-0402.

Alexander, Winton & Associates

AWA is the Transportation Industry’s leader in collections and legal forwarding services.

AWA is a 100% contingency fee-based collection firm. This means, if we can’t collect your unpaid invoice then you will not owe us anything! We are able to offer this guarantee due to our highly specialized staff and large network of Transportation Collection Attorneys across the U.S. and Canada.

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