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Trucking & Collections

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Common Mistakes When Working With a Debt Collections Agency

Debt is a common issue, and many people need help handling the growing numbers. When facing this situation, working with a debt collection agency is important. As it can be overwhelming at first, remember the agency is there to assist you in managing your debt effectively. Here are some common mistakes people make when working …

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Freight Brokerage Industry History

The freight brokerage industry is a silent backbone of modern consumerism, connecting producers with consumers all around the globe. That said, the freight brokerage industry has changed significantly over the years! It’s a story of evolution, adaptation, and innovation over the years as technology and consumer needs have grown. Today, we’re going to take you …

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What is Freight Factoring?

Freight factoring is changing the game in the trucking industry. Gone are the days when transportation companies would need to wait weeks, if not months, to receive payment for outstanding invoices. With freight factoring, trucking companies can receive payment for their shipments even if the end customer hasn’t yet been paid. This helps ensure truckers …

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Debt Collector or Scammer: How to Tell the Difference

Introduction People try to get your money in all sorts of ways. One of the often tried tactics used by scammers is to pose as legitimate debt collectors in order to bilk you out of your money. While a legitimate debt collector will be able to tell you about the details of your debt, scammers …

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Freight Invoice Collections For Truckers

Freight Invoice Collections For Truckers As is well known, trucking is a very stressful occupation, and for truckers making their way through the highways, there is nothing more bothersome than managing cash flow. With many expenses ranging from fuel and maintenance to feeding and insurance to take care of, it becomes important that you ensure …

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Transportation Companies We Have Collected Debts For

If there’s one thing about here in the trucking and transportation industry, it’s that we are constantly on the move. As such, there is little energy or time left over to resolve outstanding debts. Here at Alexander, Winton & Associates, a leading debt collections agency, we not only understand this but work to get our …

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Here to Serve You

Alexander, Winton, & Associates is committed to serving the trucking and transportation industry with a number of various and valuable services. Foremost, we are a transportation collections agency, but as we’ve grown as an organization, we’ve taken initiative against fraudulent behavior that continues to plague our industry. If you’re not familiar with any of our …

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Keeping Carriers Up-to-Date

In today’s world, particularly with the help of the internet, information moves around at a pace that is unprecedently fast. So much so, that it may feel difficult or overwhelming to keep up. Fortunately, for carriers in the trucking industry, we at Alexander, Winton, & Associates keep our clients up-to-date with relevant information about potentially …

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