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Debt Collector or Scammer: How to Tell the Difference

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Debt Collector or Scammer: How to Tell the Difference


People try to get your money in all sorts of ways. One of the often tried tactics used by scammers is to pose as legitimate debt collectors in order to bilk you out of your money. While a legitimate debt collector will be able to tell you about the details of your debt, scammers usually use intimidating tactics to pressure you into making a payment. There are a number of signs by which you can tell whether the caller is a fraudster or a legitimate debt collector, and this post will tell you how to spot them.

Signs that You Are Being Scammed

Here are some signs that tell you that you are talking to a scammer and not a legitimate debt collector.

They Call You at Unusual Times

According to Federal Law, a debt collector can’t contact you before 8 am or after 9 pm. Although a debt collector may occasionally break the law, or you may have told him to call at a certain time, if this happens too much without notice, you may be sure that it is a scammer. 

You Keep Being Called by the Same Person

One of the surest signs that you are being scammed is when you are being called by the same person every time. They might tell you they have been assigned to your case, but the truth is that legitimate collection agencies have many staff members, and you are likely to be contacted by different people in connection with your case.

Your Call is Picked up Immediately

Legitimate collection agencies have complex phone systems or receptionists who route your call to a collection agent. If you call and the collector answers the phone directly, they are using a landline or a cell phone. This is a telltale sign of a scammer.

They Insist on Particular Methods of Payment 

Most credit collection agencies accept payment through various means like mail, phone, website, or debit card. A scammer will insist that payment be made in a single way, like an instant bank transfer.

The Caller Does Not Have Key Details

If the caller is unable to provide you details of the amount you owe, the date of the original loan, your account number, or other key data, and refers you back to the original company for information, you are likely talking to a scammer.

The Caller Does Not Give You a Physical Address

When the caller is not able to give you the address where he is calling or the full details of where you took the loan, it is a sure sign of a scammer. A legitimate collection agency will give you this information without any hesitation.


You can call up the original creditor to check the authenticity of the caller and the collection agency. AW Collects is a trustworthy transportation debt collection agency dedicated to transparency for freight brokers, shippers, and recievers. Give us a call today or fill out our online contact form for more information!

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