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Keeping Carriers Up-to-Date

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Keeping Carriers Up-to-Date

In today’s world, particularly with the help of the internet, information moves around at a pace that is unprecedently fast. So much so, that it may feel difficult or overwhelming to keep up. Fortunately, for carriers in the trucking industry, we at Alexander, Winton, & Associates keep our clients up-to-date with relevant information about potentially dishonest brokers and shippers that continue to hinder our industry. On a weekly basis, our clients are provided with the helpful and necessary information that helps them make informed business decisions, and best of all, avoid fraud and scams. Does a broker or shipper owe you money? See what AWA can do for you – get in touch with us by calling 662.892.8591 or by submitting your documentation directly through our website.

Weekly Alerts Sent Directly to Your Inbox

One of the flagship services that we offer clients, our weekly Broker Alerts excel at providing carriers with only the most recent and relevant information. On any given Broker Alert, you’ll find a list of brokers and shippers who have reports of nonpayment or whose MC# has been canceled or is currently set for revocation, helping you make more informed decisions about who you do business with. It’s our company goal to reduce fraud and unscrupulous activity in the trucking industry – join us in the fight by signing up for our weekly Broker Alerts, or by working with us today! Get started today by calling 662.892.8591 or by submitting your documentation through our website. We look forward to hearing from you!

Our Friends at Freight Checkers

If you haven’t already done so, you may want to consider signing up for Freight Checkers, our partner organization! Freight Checkers provides the trucking industry’s most comprehensive rating and reviewing platform, where carriers can leave feedback for brokers, shippers, diesel mechanic shops, and even truck stops. Much like our weekly Broker Alerts here at AWA, the Freight Checkers platform helps carriers make informed decisions about who they do business with. Learn more about their plans on their website!

Owed Money by a Broker? Call AWA!

Alexander, Winton & Associates is your trusted, go-to transportation collections agency. If you’re a carrier owed money by a broker, call our team to see how we can help you! Give us a call at 662.892.8591 or submit your documentation through our website.

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