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Resources of our Transportation Collections Company

Resources of our Transportation Collections Company

Alexander, Winton & Associates was formed with a focus on transportation collections, however, our company has evolved to offer more than just one service to our customers. Through our day-to-day operations in the transportation industry, we have assumed a defensive position against fraudulent and deceitful freight brokers, and aim to protect shippers from spending their hard-earned money and precious time on these dishonest parties. There is no risk involved when you work with AWA, so if you have unpaid invoices from shippers or brokers in North America, submit a debt placement to our experienced team! Submit your information here or call us at 662.892.8591 to get started today!

Collection Process

When presented with an unpaid freight invoice, it’s not always clear what the right next step is to take, and here at AWA, our services help clear the confusion. If you’d like to learn more about our collection process, we have just the right place for you, our aptly titled “Collection Process” page, which lays out how we get you paid in full detail.


This concise, multi-step infographic helps our customers learn more about how we conduct our search for unpaid invoices. If any questions persist, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team by calling 662.892.8591 or by submitting a contact form with your information!

Our Blog

Updated on a monthly basis, our blog is the spot for all the latest discussions surrounding AW Collects and the transportation industry as a whole. Whether it’s our news updates about the trucking industry, or informative blogs about how you can get the most out of AWA’s services, you’ll want to stay tuned to our blog for fresh, quality content. Check out our blog page to browse around the article we’ve posted, or come back here next month to stay up-to-date!


Even before you start doing business with us at AWA, you may have a number of questions, and in response to that, we have an FAQ section. There, you can explore the most frequently asked questions regarding AW Collects.

Choose AWA for Your Transportation Collection Needs!

AWA operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning, if we cannot collect, you owe us nothing. If you have unpaid freight invoices and are not sure what to do next, call 662-892-8591 to speak with one of AWA’s client specialists today or Place a Direct Claim TodayFor more information on our agency practices and methods, view our AWA Collection Process.

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