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why alexander, winton & Associates stands out

With thousands of collection agencies in the US, picking the best agency for your transportation company’s debt is key to ensure your company’s debt has the best chance of being recovered. Most commercial collection agencies service many different industries. This is the main difference between Alexander, Winton & Associates and those other commercial collection agencies.  Transportation collections is all AWA does!  Our specialization in transportation provides our organization competitive advantages other agencies simply do not have. Speak with a member of our team by calling662.892.8591 or submit your debt placement by clicking below. We hope to hear from you soon and get started!

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With thousands of transportation clients, AWA is able to accumulate multiple claims involving the same debtor parties.  Having multiple claims with the same parties not only allows us to forge relationships with those debtor companies but it also helps create much more leverage against them than a single carrier would have on their own.  What threat of litigation would you take more seriously:  A carrier or a collection agency who is owed for one load or a specialized transportation collection agency who is owed for 25 different loads?  This facet of our business helps get our client’s claims paid without litigation having to be filed. Speak with a member of our team by calling 662.892.8591 or submit your debt placement by clicking below. We hope to hear from you soon and get started!

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AWA’s ability to accumulate multiple related claims allows our office to have enough debt to warrant the costs of litigation being incurred.  AWA routinely bears the upfront costs associated with filing litigation on behalf of its clients.  This is a distinct difference between AWA and other collection agencies.

AWA has the most extensive network of transportation collection attorneys who work on contingency rates.  With relationships with over 40 different law firms who have filed hundreds of lawsuits on behalf of our clients in the past, our clients can rest assured that we follow through on our threat of litigation. When shippers and receivers are informed AWA is involved, their responses are much different when they see the AWA’s track record. Consider the following examples:

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AWA Provides Free Tools To Help Protect The Entire Transportation Industry

AWA provides the most comprehensive set of tools to help both carriers, shipper, and brokers in their day-to-day business operations.

Shipper and Receiver Insights

Freight Checkers helps shippers and receivers vet the brokers they are currently working with or thinking of working with based on the ratings and reports they have received from their partner carriers over time.  These insights serve as an excellent predictor as to how a broker will treat customers and their freight.

Freight Checkers Reporting

This tool helps carriers rate, review, and vet the brokers, shippers, receivers, diesel mechanics, truck stops, truck washes, and wrecker services they are thinking about or have done business with in the past. This information can help carriers make more informed decisions on their partners.

Broker Alert Emails / Broker Alert page

This tool helps warn carriers of brokers who have had their authority canceled or set for cancellation recently.  The AWA Broker Alert page on our website is updated every week with new brokers.

Identity Theft Protector Tool

This tool helps both carriers and brokers verify the identity of the companies they are thinking of doing business with. Learn more about a company before working with them

Freight & Transportation Blog

For frequent updates on the debt collection industry in North America browse our blog for collection tips, how to reduce late payments, and how to stay on top of your billing cycle!

Debt Collection F.A.Q.s

You can find answers to some of our most commonly asked questions when it comes to debt collection and transportation. If you don’t see your question answered below, please don’t hesitate to contact us today!