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Tips for Successful Debt Collection by Phone and Email

Tips for Successful Debt Collection by Phone and Email

Being in charge of collecting debt can be a stressful job to have. Aside from the stress of hounding people to clear their debt, there are also legal concerns to consider around debt communication. To ensure your company gets the money that you are owed and that you are within legal guidelines, we have created this helpful guide to collecting debt over the phone and over email.


Phone call tips

When collecting debt over the phone, there are a few ways to increase your efficacy. First, for legal reasons, be wary of leaving a complex voicemail message. Debt collecting laws require that private information that might be linked to the debt only be discussed with the proper parties present. If your call is not answered, leave a simple voicemail with a time they can call you back. When you are talking with the debtor, be polite and do not try to shame the debtor. It is necessary to convey the importance of clearing the debt, but you should be careful not to sound threatening or disrespectful. If you are considering recording the phone conversations remember that you have to ask permission before recording to ensure that you are collecting debt legally. Instead of recording the conversation, consider taking notes instead.


Email tips

Although it is not recommended that you collect debt over email instead of the phone, sometimes this is necessary. Emailing can be very similar to calling. To avoid legal trouble, make sure you are sending emails to the correct recipients, and that the information you provide and ask for is sent to the correct person. Make sure to be polite and professional in your emails and once again do not be threatening or over-demanding. Make sure that your email subject line is clear and concise. If emails are not getting results, ask to set up a phone call instead.


If you are struggling to collect debt over the phone and by email, consider hiring a collection agency. At Alexander, Winton & Associates we operate with a contingency fee, meaning that if we do not collect your debt, you owe us nothing. Our rates are determined on how much debt we collect, if there is a damage claim, and whether or not the debtor is still in business. If you have questions about successfully collecting debt, contact us at (662) 892-8591.


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