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Tips For Successful Debt Collection In The Transportation Industry

Tips For Successful Debt Collection In The Transportation Industry

Unpaid freight invoices. Possibly one of the most frustrating things for a business owner to deal with, as there is no telling when it will happen, and there is no saying if the invoice will be successfully recovered. While there are a variety of methods to take when it comes to collecting on an unpaid freight invoice from a trucker, shipper, or broker, read our blog for more information!

Give Options & Establish Penalties for Late Payments

There are a variety of steps any business owner can take when it comes to establishing payment plans on all invoices. This can help reduce unpaid freight invoices as it provides a broker or shipper to clearly understand the terms defined in the initial contract. This will help to reduce overall confusion and will leave the business owner with a lack of excuses if they miss their payment period. Another helpful way to deter late payments is by implanting a penalty for late payments. Implementing these methods will not entirely reduce the chance of nonpayment but can greatly reduce the chances of it happening!

Document Everything!

If you have been in contact with a client who is delinquent, be sure to take notes during the call to establish notes on the encounter if this happens again with the same client. Having documented calls can help a business owner decide if it is worth doing business with a client if they repeatedly pay their freight invoices late.

Be Prepared for Anything!

If a client is more than 30 days late, before contacting them, review all documents from the client regarding past invoices, any contracts or agreements that were made between the two parties. Taking these steps can help to ensure that you are fully up to date regarding the customer. Be sure to duplicate all invoices, contracts, or any information in general that can help address the matter at hand in an effective and efficient manner.

Contact a Professional Transportation Collection Agency

When it comes to collecting an unpaid freight invoice, the process is not always cut and dry. If you are having trouble collecting on a debt and feel that you have exhausted all available options, contact the trusted experts to get the money owed to you. Don’t let the hassles of a delinquent debtor affect your overhead.

Why Choose AWA for Your Transportation Collection Needs?

AWA operates on a contingency fee basis, meaning, if we cannot collect, you owe us nothing. If collection efforts are successful, our rates will be based on how old and how much the debt is, if there is a damage claim, and whether the debtor is in or out of business.

If you have unpaid freight invoices and aren’t sure what to do next, call 662-892-8591 to speak with one of AWA’s client specialists today or Contact Us Directly!

For more information on our agency practices and methods, view our AWA Collection Process Page.

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  1. You made an interesting point when you talked about how it is a good idea to contact a trusted expert when you are trying to collect a debt from someone. I would imagine that it would be a good idea to hire a lawyer that specializes in trying to collect money from debtors because they will know what the best methods are. I would imagine that it would be important to make sure that all rules are being followed when collecting a debt.

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