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Trucking Operation Costs 2020

Operating A Truck In 2020

As part of our ongoing efforts to consult and better inform truckers, shippers, and receivers, please view our collection of available information and resources regarding the transportation industry and the costs associated with truck operations broken down by cost per mile. 

  • Expenses 2020 Cost
  • Fuel Costs $0.26
  • Truck / Trailer Purchase $0.21
  • Repair & Maintenance $0.20
  • Truck Insurance $0.09
  • Permits / Licenses $0.04
  • Tires $0.04
  • Tolls $0.03
  • Driver Wages $0.58
  • Benefits $0.16
  • Overhead Office $0.06
  • Non-Driver Admin & Benefits $0.07
  • Total Cost/Mile $1.73

AWA Resources

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