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What To Do If A Motor Carrier Is A Victim of Identity Theft?

What To Do If A Motor Carrier Is A Victim of Identity Theft?

Identity theft in the transportation industry is becoming more alarming in recent times. Both motor carriers and brokers are victims of identity theft.  As a motor carrier, if you discover that someone is using your USDOT number without your authorization, you are a victim. Identity theft is illegal and in fact, a criminal act. It is imperative to stop such fraud as it can implicate your company and put your customers in danger as well.  So, what can you do as a motor carrier if you are a victim of an identity thief?

File a police report

The first step you should take is to report the case to the police. They will ensure that proper investigation is done to prevent the continuation of the fraud. Also, you need to file a report to the US Department of Transportation’s Office of the Inspector General. You can either make your complaint online or dial the number (800) 424-9071 to make your complaint via phone call. Lastly, file a report to the FMCSA National Consumer Complaint Database for more assistance and advice.  Keep this report in PDF format so you can forward it to anyone who contacts you about the issue.

Inform your business partners

Whoever is using your company’s data without your authority may attempt to contact your load boards, insurance company, and factoring companies. So, it is crucial to inform your insurance company, factoring companies, load boards as soon as you suspect that your company’s details are compromised. That will help restrict the fraudulent act of the impersonator.

Update your clients on social media

The impersonator may try to contact your clients. Some of them may unfortunately already become victims of the impersonator. Protect your clients by informing them immediately about the incident. You should inform them on your website as well as your Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn accounts. You can as well exchange new information with them on social media if there is any.

Confirm the accuracy of your company details

Ensure your company’s data displayed on the  FMCSA’s Safety and Fitness Records System is correct. That will enable customers to verify that the number given to them corresponds with the one on the FMCSA SAFER database. You can confirm your company’s phone number on the FMCSA’s SAFER website. In case you find an error in your company’s detail, you can find the option to update such information here.


All motor carriers must protect their company information. Where such information is compromised, you must take such actions prescribed above for your safety and that of your customers. As a motor carrier, you must provide accurate information about your company on the FMCSA SAFER database. Be wary of fraudulent brokers that may implicate you. While transacting with you, they may ask you to change your name or offer to compensate you more.

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