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When Should You Hire a Debt Collections Agency?

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When Should You Hire a Debt Collections Agency?

When to Hire a Debt Collections Agency

Getting the money that you’re owed can be a time-consuming and stressful pursuit. If you are owed money by clients, hiring a debt collections agency to collect that money can be more affordable than using your staff and resources to chase down clients who refuse to pay. 

If you’re owed money by clients and unsure what to do about it, a debt collections agency can help. Nore, are you sure you should be using a debt collections agency? If you are experiencing any of these red flags, then it’s time to hire a debt collection agency:

Unresponsive Customers

Has your client disappeared? If you have clients that you have extended credit to but aren’t answering phone calls or emails and are ignoring your bills and requests for payment, you need a debt collection agency. A debt collection agency can find your customers even if they have changed phone numbers or addresses. 

Broken Payment Arrangements

If you attempted to meet your customer halfway and agreed to a payment plan, but now they have stopped making the payments, you need a debt collection agency to collect the rest of the money that you’re owed. 

Bad Payment History

If a business with credit with you has a history of paying late, using bad checks, or having payment reversed for insufficient funds, a debt collection agency can ensure that they pay you what they owe and that you get any additional money that you’re owed for fees or late charges. 

Getting The Run Around

Have your staff members been calling businesses about their outstanding payments and getting responses like “I’ll call back tomorrow,” “The check is in the mail,” or “I’ll send the payment next week?” That’s a waste of your staff’s time and just delays the payment. Hiring a debt collection agency to make sure those customers actually pay is a more cost-effective way to get paid. 

Denial Of Debt

Customers may sometimes insist that they don’t owe you any money. Either they think it’s already been paid but they can’t provide proof of payment. Or, someone new in accounting says that their predecessor was responsible for that payment, but they are not. Working with a collection agency may be the only way to get a business that denies they owe you money to pay what they owe.

Get Help Today

Stop wasting time and money trying to chase down payments. Let Alexander, Winton & Associates Inc., a debt collection agency, go after those debts for you. We are a trustworthy transportation debt collection agency that can help recover the money you’re owed from clients who haven’t paid their bills. Contact us today so we can help you get those debts paid! Give us a call, send us an email, or fill out our online contact form


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