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Identity Theft

Identity Theft

How Shippers & Brokers Can Avoid Identity Theft

We specialize in transportation debt collections here at Alexander, Winton & Associates, however, we have found that fraud and unscrupulous activity take place all too often in our industry. One of the most prominent forms of fraud is identity theft, which can result in serious and disastrous consequences for victims. To keep our industry aware …

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Reasons to Use our Identity Theft Tool

Here at Alexander, Winton & Associates, we are committed to helping the trucking industry stay alert and protected against identity thieves and unscrupulous activity that takes place in our industry. In partnership with our friends over at Freight Checkers, AWA offers helpful services and resources such as weekly Broker Alerts, legal forwarding for debt collections, …

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Here to Serve You

Alexander, Winton, & Associates is committed to serving the trucking and transportation industry with a number of various and valuable services. Foremost, we are a transportation collections agency, but as we’ve grown as an organization, we’ve taken initiative against fraudulent behavior that continues to plague our industry. If you’re not familiar with any of our …

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Keeping Carriers Up-to-Date

In today’s world, particularly with the help of the internet, information moves around at a pace that is unprecedently fast. So much so, that it may feel difficult or overwhelming to keep up. Fortunately, for carriers in the trucking industry, we at Alexander, Winton, & Associates keep our clients up-to-date with relevant information about potentially …

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Preventing Fraud in the Trucking Industry

Specializing in transportation collections, Alexander, Winton & Associates has made a name for itself in helping shippers get PAID amounts of money that are rightfully theirs. Beyond just being a transportation collections company, we’ve taken a strong stance against fraud and dishonesty that continues to plague the trucking industry. We uphold our anti-theft position by …

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